Michael E. Kelley

Founder & Instructor



Michael Kelley was born and raised in a small town in Illinois (Monmouth, Illinois).  In 1973 he decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue a  new beginning.  After spending years working at a number of interesting jobs, he decided to pursue the field of chauffeuring.  In 1986, Kelley graduated from executive chauffeur school (Sherrie Van Vliet President).  After graduation, he applied to a number of  limousine services all of which were very interested in his professional training and abilities.  It was through his professional training and skills and the recommendation of his friend and classmate (Denise Rakus) he was immediately hired at the limousine service for which she worked. 

He worked as head chauffeur, chauffeur instructor, dispatcher and assistant office manager his first two years in the business.

Kelley was trained behind the wheel of an executive coach 70" cut limousine and has experience in chauffeuring a converted motor home (party coach), an 85" cut limousine, 113" cut limousine and a sedan.

Kelley quickly became obsessed with the limousine business so he decided to start a limousine service of his own.

In 1989, he founded Thunder Limousine.  To this day he is still chauffeuring, and has accumulated over 10,000 hours in run time.  In the five years he has been chauffeuring, he has had NO ACCIDENTS or TICKETS!  Kelley has talked to other chauffeurs and watched new people enter the business without proper training.  He decided there was a need for a more personalized and in depth look into the chauffeur profession.

In 1990 he decided to write his own training course called THE ART OF CHAUFFEURING.


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